¿Cómo juzgar la calidad del gancho?


Cuando usamos máscaras, si elgancho are too long or too short, we need to improve the gancho. If you wear it by yourself, the earhook is too long and stick to the long part with tape; or tie a knot on the gancho; pay attention to the size when buying, and choose the right size. What if gancho are purchased in large quantities? How to judge the quality of gancho in large quantities?


Sampling and testing: After purchasing in large quantities, the first thing to do is to test the gancho, elasticity, material, report testing, etc., don't wait for the problem when you get on the machine;


Asegúrese de que el fabricante le envíe muestras y reciba los productos de acuerdo con la calidad de las muestras;


Firmar un contrato con el fabricante para hacer frente al problema de seguimiento de la calidad deficiente;


Be sure to choose gancho with good elasticity.Because of the epidemic situation, masks are worn for a long time, and the elasticity of gancho is very important.The gancho choose materials with a ratio of spandex and nylon.After continuous research and development and testing, the ratio has reached the highest suitable elasticity.