¿Cómo elegir una mascarilla antipolvo?


Hablando de máscaras contra el polvo, en realidad es una especie de equipo de protección personal. Las máscaras desechables ordinarias no solo deben bloquear eficazmente la intrusión de partículas finas, sino que también deben garantizar una respiración sin obstrucciones. Es mejor elegirun solo núcleoydoble núcleo disposable nose wires. Masks can better fit the bridge of the noseyface. The filtration efficiency of disposable masks is sufficient for dust prevention. Secondly, the airtightness is good, but the airtightness cannot be too high. For example, the airtightness of KN95 masks is too high,yit will feel breathless when worn on hot days. , Its comfort is very poor.

      For industrial dust prevention (such as painting, polishing, etc.), the sprayydust are toxic to the human body,ythere should not be a little inhalation of the respiratory tract. In this industry, disposable masks are completely insufficient,yprofessional anti-haze masks are required.

      This reminds the general public to treat the relevant instructions on the product packaging rationally when choosing dust masks, choose masks with high filtration efficiencyygood air permeability,ydo not wear masks for a long time to avoid hypoxia damage to the lungs.